not what, but who

looking back over the stranglehold on additional storylines involving yesterday’s new character, i discovered a different approach to the story of Another Night. Well, less to the story itself, which is still intact, but to how the story moves along. normally, i’ve plotted out the events that need* to happen and filled the gaps within and around those events. with last night’s and this evening’s work, though, i saw an alternative**: i’ve started fleshing out the people i want Manadan & Gupti to meet with, work around, and struggle against, and using them as the focus, rather than the plot.

i have the core plot already, but it’s truly just a core plot when i look at it now. working with a focus on characters (identifying their backstories, discovering their quirks and motivations, etc.) is filling out the story in a way i had not expected. it already feels like a better choice. well, better may not be the correct word. i still need the plot, obviously, but instead of hanging everything on the events, it feels more effective to really learn who the dramatis personae are and watch and listen and learn as they adjust and tweak and nudge the plot into a more satisfying and dimensional thing.

* at least, insofar as i can identify ‘need’ at the time; inevitably parts of this change.

** which is probably self-evident to everyone but pokey ol’ me


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