and then of course, everything sucks

those days when no matter what i write or try to revise, nothing seems worth putting to paper. it all looks so simplistic or heavy-handed or transparent or contrived or disconnected or obtuse or whatever.

that said, i suppose it’s important to note that it’s not that i can’t write something (i’ve rarely had a genuine case of writer’s block), but that i don’t like what comes out. thus, eventually, it’ll work itself out if i just keep at it. so i have to keep at it.

it still sucks, though.

  1. True – very true. Ok, so, I just finished the first 100 pages of NGD, and I’m thinking about volunteering to help you convert it into a screenplay….

  2. ah, yes, a screenplay. a number of folks have said that about this one, or to try it as a graphic novel. i love the ideas, and fully expect to give both ideas a go. I don’t see the screenplay market any more likely than the writing market currently, but who knows?

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