Another Night… day 2 – mmm…okay

my regular morning writing time got away from me, but i did get a couple hours this evening. there were a few false steps, though, as i wasn’t quite in tune. i kept at it, though, and finally got a page and a half of good stuff, including an unexpected entry of a new side character.

tonight’s work raised two items:

1- i need to make sure not to ‘bill-ify’ Manadan (or any of my other characters, but especially him). it’s been noted in my other work that the main characters tend to echo my traits fairly closely, which, while not always my intention, is perfectly understandable. with Another Night… though, i want to avoid this. i’d love to have readers who know me ask me how i came up with him. this isn’t easy, though, and will require close attention.

2 – i think the arrival of the new character might be a potential threat to my outline and the core story as a whole. i’m not going to push this too much, but i need to keep an eye on staying on target. this character may have a very interesting story of her own, but i want to stay focused. this is particularly an issue this early on. of course, i’ll have to give it more thought if she refuses to back down. i don’t want to force a less good idea if a great idea is yelling at me to write it. i have to be sure that the original idea isn’t going to work, though.

good learnings.