so no Odyssey for me (probably)

i just got word that my application wasn’t selected for the Odyssey Workshop for this year.

obviously, i was hoping for better news.

however, it wasn’t all bad. first, i have been shortlisted in case a spot opens up (somebody can’t make the payment or has some other obstacle to attending), so i may yet be going. second, the email was not a form rejection. i didn’t actually expect one, but it’s always nice to get a genuine response. there were some very nice things said about the story I’d submit (Uncle Deppo), as well as some valid points about weaknesses. so, while i can’t say i’m happy with the direct result, there is still potential for that to change, and i’ve received some good critical feedback from an excellent source.

so, as my gaming friends like to say, ‘we continue’. i’ve got to head to school in a few minutes, but tonight will see at least 3 more pages for Another Night…, and tomorrow is another day.