Another Day… day 27 – i wrote a speech

not a speech-speech, but one of those kind of game-changing moments in a story, that a character makes an observation or has an epiphany that shifts the direction of things from where they were previously heading. the most obvious one i can think of is the Jack Nicholson’s phenomenal Colonel Jessup ‘I eat breakfast three hundred yards away from four thousand Cubans who are trained to kill me” speech from A Few Good Men.

mine is certainly not on that par, nor that overt, but Gupti had been boxed into a corner and the resulting monologue was straight from the heart, impacting Manadan in a way neither of us had been expecting.

i will withhold final judgement for later review/revision, but right now, it feels pretty darn cool and got my heart pumping.

and that was just one part of this morning’s 5 pages!


  1. tea and cookies are not necessary for writing, but they sure don’t hurt
  2. hurry up and sell something so i can make this my day job!

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