Another Night… day 30 – close, but not quite

so, i had this underlying hope to finish 90 pages in 30 days. sadly, it didn’t quite work out. despite my efforts yesterday at pinning down the specifics of the mystery, i hit a dry patch this morning. i got a little more than 3 pages, which is good and puts me on page 85, but i think a lack of enough sleep and trying too hard to make the 90 page deadline kept me from finding the right flow.

that’s the kicker, here. it’s all mapped out on paper, i just need to get it written in dialogue and paragraphs, but i keep trying too hard, forcing things, and it sounds terrible even as i write it.

so i stopped, and that’s fine, too. the deadline was nothing solid, but it did help keep pushing myself, which was necessary. i’m probably 5 or 6000 words from the end at this point, as a rough estimate, so i’m feeling good about that. probably once today is over and the unofficial deadline is officially past, things will probably open up and i should see smooth sailing from here on out.

i have to say, though, i’m very excited overall about the novella. i’m looking forward to revisions and sharpening it up, and making it even better.


  1. unofficial deadlines are good
  2. backstories written ahead of time are priceless
  3. i would like to write a book in which people don’t die…

now for the bill-paying job, and then this evening my wife and i will enjoy* the first lawn mow of the year!

* a relative term, in this case.


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