it’s good to be back

obviously, i’ve been away from the blog for a while. 4 weeks since my last post, and 6 or more since i wrote anything of substance, either here or on paper. life happens, and that’s fine.

in fact, there was a lot of great stuff in these 6 weeks, family visits from Arizona, a beuatiful wedding, days spent with friends, theater shows, bike trips through Portland and South Portland, garden work (keeping it alive during these weeks of zero rain), my first trip to Prince Edward Island (with my grandmother who was born and raised there and who showed us all around and introduced us to the extended family still in the area), watching the Perseids from the roof, and just spending time with my incredible wife. so, really, no complaints there at all.

what i didn’t do, though, was write anything, and that’s been slowly eating away at me.

no more. yesterday i finished a major overhaul of an older story, Games People Play, which has only gotten better, and today i make a couple final tweaks on Another Night . . . and get it out to readers, maybe even to agents.

it really is great to be back.


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