slow processor…

i’ve been trying to think what to write here, but i’m still largely blank.

well, that’s not entirely true; i’m not actually blank, i’m overloaded.

i just spent a week at Viable Paradise XIV, where i suffered my most significant bout of writer’s block in probably 15 years, amidst a group of truly original and engaging writers, yet the experience did not crush me. the criticism, support and open dialogue of everyone – students, instructors and staff alike – during the entire week was excellent, and i was able to remember that everything is a learning experience. thus, after my incredible frustration, i was able to begin to identify the learnings, and that’s where my brain still is now. what i do know without question, though, is that i am incredibly grateful to have been a part of this workshop with these people.

that’s about as specific a summary as i can formulate so far. hopefully, i’ll be able to do better soon.

one last thing: thank you. to the wise and welcoming faculty, to the unflaggingly upbeat staff, and to my amazing peers (a term i use with both humility and joy), i thank you all.

and now, i’ve got a story to write.