again with the 5 minutes…

i was back on campus today, which meant catching up on the rest of a week’s worth of emails and meeting requests and such and so forth (i spent yesterday afternoon getting through half of them). i’ve still got more than a little homework to catch up on, but i was able to make some progress on RoE between classes and then after dinner. 

i was initially a little sluggish because i didn’t have a lot of time, but i pushed myself to do some outlining, and this was the catalyst for everything thereafter. 5 minutes of which yielded some very interesting and unexpected results. this got me jazzed for the writing when i got a larger block of time, and carried me through the evening, ending with a fun action sequence.

i simply can’t say enough for the 5 minute rule.

i’m also playing with some stylistic choices, trying to cut my telling down to a bare minimum. can’t yet say whether this is working or not, though. i think so, but i know what i mean, so that’s not a fair shake. i’m going to run with it for now, though, and see what readers think later.


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