too long, as usual

in an attempt to get something new out into the slush piles, i turned to Games People Play, which was very nearly finished back in the summer. i printed it out and read it out to my wife on a drive last night* and we both thought it was in need of only a small handful of very minor tweaks, but otherwise ready to go. having just spent taken care of those tweaks**, i turned to the markets i had picked out for it, only to run headlong into the word limit, as usual.

7500 seems to be the upper limit in most arenas, with a preference for 5K or less. Games is, of course, just under 8000.


time to Deppo it.

well, tomorrow, anyway. tonight i need sleep***.

* to see comedian Bob Marley at a fundraiser. our first time seeing him. hilarious! must see more of him.

** plus the obligatory dozen or so other adjustments i feel compelled to make whenever i start revising anything.

*** yep, 8:30 and i’m sleepward-bound. ah, good times.


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