running on empty – draft 1 – day 2

i got three more pages, today*, but in a mix of typing and writing. i’m not sure how i feel about that.

at the computer, i have a hard time letting a sentence or paragraph go until it feels just right, whereas on paper, the thoughts flow more easily (steadily?) and i feel like progress is better. of course, handwriting also means those weeks of well-nigh carpal tunnel syndrom from typing it all in. i’m going to see if i can write and then type it up in the same day. it’ll will definitely be slower in the short term, but hopeful better in the long-term.

* and a thumbs-up from my wife after reading those says i’m on the right track!

  1. I haven’t done it in a while, but I find that it’s easier to connect to characters when I’m writing with pen and paper, sort of like I’m writing their diary. Do you get that too? Nowadays, I prefer typing since my mind goes faster than I can write by hand, but still find it useful when I’m stuck on a scene.

  2. hm. i’m not sure i have the diary experience, but i definitely have the speed experience. i actually prefer handwriting in almost all cases for the very reason that i can’t write as fast as i think. my thoughts come out far too rough and slipshod to begin with, so handwriting helps pre-edit before they reach the page. it’s not exactly a conscious thing, but without that time delay filter (as when composing at the pc), the amount of content i end up revising is significantly greater.

    back to the diary idea, while i don’t have that exact experience, i do feel the discovery process much more intensely, almost viscerally, when handwriting, so maybe it’s the same thing?

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