RoE.d1.day17-18 – the return of backstory, and that’s okay

the good news is that yesterday saw 5 and 1/2 pages completed and this morning i’ve already done 4, putting me on page 52, which is only a few pages from par, as it were.

the less good news is that, having advanced to a new chapter, i’ve had to develop a bit more backstory. as usual, it will likely not all make it into the final, but unlike the previous chapter, i think i can work a lot more into realistic conversation in the final draft, rather than flat exposition which can slog the pace. i still really like the content, but i understand the need for pacing, so we’ll see if i can hit the sweet spot in a later draft.

that aside, this chapter has already provided me an opportunity to see a couple concepts discussed by others in previous chapters addressed here from another point of view. i’ve slipped a couple times from this character’s voice, but managed to get back on track quickly enough, and she’s going to be a great spark to work with, especially when she meets Herrick.

it’s been a few years since i’ve tried something with this breadth of scope, both in terms of physical environments and in terms of overarching themes, and i’m quite enjoying it. i was nervous at the beginning of this being too big to handle, but i’m feeling fairly confident that i can manage the pieces and that the story, if rather sprawling, is also quite clear and impactful. obviously, this will not be known for certain for many months yet, but that fact does not disturb me anymore.

i’m in the book now, and thrilled to be here.