magnanimity: Fragile revision posted at Absent Willow Review

the incredibly understanding folks at The Absent Willow Review have allowed me to submit the updated version of Fragile, which has now been posted.

i can only offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to them for going out of their way to do this. i don’t know how common such gaffes by new authors like myself are, but i am deeply thankful for the leniency i’ve been shown.

of course, i’d still like to go crawl under a rock for any of this being necessary in the first place, but hey, what doesn’t actually kill you, right?

  1. I noticed, but my immediate thought was that the Absent Willow Review screwed up by a botched re-formatting from manuscript to the web. I did consider that this was a manuscript issue, but I kind of dismissed those because: 1) I was sure that you wouldn’t have submitted a botched manuscript and 2) the Absent Willow Review would have edited any obvious mistakes out once they got it.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t kill myself over it. We’ve all slapped our foreheads over something we’ve caught after we hit “send” on the keyboard. And the creepy “aliens taking over via a viral host” story was good!

  2. [Sorry for the delayed response, Jake. I’ve been keeping myself away from the web site while I focused on finishing the Another Night… revisions.]

    “aliens”, eh? I had not thought of that angle. Interesting. Very glad you liked it, though!

    You’re absolutely correct about the forehead slap, of course. Honestly, though, I would not trade the experience, embarrassing though it certainly was, if for no other reason than reminding me of my own insignficance. A come-uppance is necessary from time to time, and I think I’d been getting a little cocky recently.

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