RoE.d1.day56 – time for a wake-up call

in today’s pages, Herrick is in amongst others of his kind, but that does not mean that things are good. things proceed as usual for him, which is to say from bad to worse.

unfortunately, the unexpected* arrival of a previous character (on the last line of the last page) bodes a shift from worse to worser**.

all is not as it seems, however, and this problem may well be Herrick’s salvation, if he can only get out of his own way first.




* for both of us. this arrival meant giving up what i had originally considered a major plot point. i tried to find a way to keep it, but the more i thought about it, the more i realized just how wrong it was. not just ineffective, but wrong. how did i miss this before? no idea.

** poetical license, okay?