RoE.d1.day60 – dogged

there are days when i can’t seem to get more than a few minutes* to scribble something down, there are days when everything i write sounds like absolute drivel, and then there are days when i can’t seem to even begin.

today was one of those last type of days. every time i tried to put my pencil to paper, i stalled. from things sounding terrible in my head before i could even get them on the page to my mind getting stuck on some earlier or later plot problem to simply blanking on what to write, it was all happening, over and over again.

and that was the key: trying to do it over and over again. i kept giving myself excuses (laundry, shoveling, email, baking cookies, school work**, etc.), but i managed to keep from giving in.

then, after i don’t know how long, the pencil actually reached the paper and i was off and running (no pun intended), to the tune of a full 8 pages and some really great material that has me bummed i didn’t have more time.

i’ll take it.


* but there has never been a day when i can’t take 5 minutes

** okay, this last one isn’t an excuse, exactly, but it meant not writing


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