catching up

i’ve been bad at posting the last couple weeks, but i’ll blame end-of-semester grading and other work for that.

however, i have been writing and such:

  • RoE’s latest draft is being left to cool for a month or two*
  • i’ve just finished the third draft of a new short story that i can’t figure out a title for yet. the story is the result of a kick/challenge i was given in a conversation some weeks ago, for which i am deeply grateful, as it was a lot of fun. it’s currently out to beta readers**
  • i’m finding myself thinking more and more about the YA novel I’d outlined some months ago (currently called Darkstar, for lack of anything more interesting), so that might be next
  • or one of a couple other shorts that are kicking around
  • rejections have almost stopped, which means its time to reshuffle the deck and get my recent stories out to a new batch of markets

i’ve also been hemming and hawing over the purchase of the new ASUS EP121, and not just as a toy. it boggles my mind that the idea of a slim, pen-based tablet capable of viewing a full page of text has taken so long to appear. it seems like a sure-fire win for the education sector. i’m expecting to use it for essay grading to drastically descrease my time and, hopefully, increase the value to my students. yes, it’s more expensive than an iPad, etc., but it seems quite worth it for the much greater functionality.

did i just convince myself?



* actually, it was my brain that needed cooling over all the changes i’d made and have still to make

**want to be one? let me know.


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