Blog Tour (check!), Facebook (coming!), Twitter(well, maybe not…)

Briefly, because the baby is now back to sleep and I need to squeeze in a shower before work (coworkers generally appreciate this sort of thing), but yes, you read that title correctly: I’m creating a Page on Facebook.

Those who know me know this isn’t something I do lightly, but in light of the unexpectedly great activity these last few weeks, I think it’s time. I’m still working out the kinks and all, so I’ll post the link as soon as it’s ready, but it needs to be done this weekend because I have a Cover Reveal blog tour coming up, for Hell Hath No Fury, thanks to the incredible, persistent, passionate Annabell Cadiz of Illuminated Tours and Open Book Society, and that starts next week!

Check out the Blog Tour listing here!

Okay, the baby’s waking (does time go by this fast for anyone else?), but this is very exciting stuff. I’ll post more links soon.

  1. Yes, I am all those things (much to the horror of everyone who knows me! haha) *wink* But social networking is a necessary part (necessary evil? lol) of the game in order to help you gain the success you want.

    As a writer/author/storyteller (whatever title you choose to use for thyself), you have to remember that you, yourself, must become your own brand. You open the door to getting people interested and your work KEEPS people interested in who you are as a writer and the type of stories you want to tell.

    Social networking, as much of a pain as it can seem to be at times, is the best way to get in touch with people to build a fanbase. It will probably feel awkward at first using facebook and twitter. May take some time to get comfortable and get use to navigating through them but once you get your feet settled, you’ll find they are also great ways to build great friendships with book lovers and authors =)

    You know if you need any help, I’m just an email or tweet away ;)

  2. Oh, I’m not complaining! Trust me :)

    And you’re right, of course. It’s still a bit of a hurdle to get past the initial uncertainty of putting myself out there, but I’m learning, thanks in great part to you!

  3. LOL that’s good but truth be told, even if you were, I would still push you as hard as I do now. Tis my nature to challenge those around me. Perhaps it is because I enjoy being challenged ;)

    And yes, it’s really strange, at first, to put yourself out there. You start wondering what in the daylights is anyone going to find interesting about me?? lol But soon you’ll discover you’re pretty interesting and there are some pretty likeable interesting people to get to know who will become good friends =)

    It’s just fun making new friends (especially if they have books they can give you! *hehe)

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