Guest post on ‘inspiration’ at Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf

My first stop on the HHNF cover reveal tour is as a guest of Lucy’s at Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf, with a post on what inspired me to become a writer. This actually took me way, way back, and was quite fun to write. Check it out and maybe even share what inspires you!

I almost forgot! Lucy is having a giveaway of a signed copy of No Good Deed, so be sure to put your name in (scroll to the bottom of the guest post to see the entry form) to get your personalized copy of the start of the story!

  1. Thanks so much, Rie! I’m thrilled it sounds engaging, so make sure you get your entry in, and keep an eye out for more chances :)

  2. Bill. I am so disappointed that the giveaway is not available for your UK fans. After posting all my entries yesterday I have found that none of them count because I live outside the US & Canada. Please can you do an international giveaway some when soon as well?

    Love Rie x

    • Huh! I didn’t realize this, Rie. I’m checking into it now, though, to see what we can come up with. We’ll definitely figure something out, though!

  3. Hey Rie! When you tried to enter the giveaway on Moonlight Gleam did you log in using either facebook or twitter? You have to have one or the other I believe in order to enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter which Moonlight Gleam blog uses.

    I suggest attempting again, if not then I will ask the reviewer of Moonlight Gleam how we can change things so you can enter =) Let me know.


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