To avoid insanity, do something stupid

Today, that meant mowing the lawn in the rain with a reel push mower.

While running.

Fortunately, no injuries, so we’ve got a win, there :)

And it kept me from spending every 5 minutes on the Internet checking how the free promo of No Good Deed is going*. It’s very easy to get caught up in this, but it’s also about as healthy for my sanity as super-sized meals are for my heart, so I’m trying to take a balanced approach.

That said, now that I’ve finished the ‘stupid thing’ and I’m back inside, insanity threatens once more.

So I’ve checked in and seen that things are going well**, and now it’s time to do what really keeps insanity at bay:


I’m off above the garage where the Internet won’t find me to finish typing the edits on the latest short story in hopes of getting it out to markets this week.

See you later.

And thanks.



* What? You didn’t know it was free? Well, far be it from me to miss an opportunity: Get it here:!

** Which is an embarrasingly huge understatement.