sick, but still here!

My body finally called an extended timeout, starting this past weekend. Right in the middle of the beautiful weather and just before family from AZ flew in. Timing is everything.

Two days sick from work, too, which is not normal for me. I tried herbal teas and vitamins on Monday with limited success. Tuesday’s caffeine and sugar regimen seemed like it worked better at first, but that was a fool’s paradise, doomed to failure. Sticking with fluids and sleep at this point, and it seems to be the answer.

And it could be plenty worse, so no complaining.

In writing news, I finished off the edits for that short story I’ve been working through and, despite some interim misgivings, I’m excited with the result and looking forward to getting it out to markets. On the other side, one of the markets I submit another story to seems to have gone under, so that was a bummer, but I sent that story right back out and we’ll see what happens.

More exciting, is the fact that I’m already into the final pass on Another Night at the End of the World, and (so far!) it’s been very smooth. Assuming the inevitable couple of hurdles, I hope to have it finalized by the end of the month, proofed thereafter, and out in the wild by late July or early August.

Added Daily Bonus: I got word that Night Owl Reviews posted their review of No Good Deed (“page-turner . . . complex and mesmerizing”), which is very cool.

Now I need to get more fluids…