It’s over :( Time to start :)

So, as you may have noticed, I haven’t been around here very much, mainly because of the No Good Deed Tour (click to see the link recap), but today is the last day, which brings up mixed emotions for me.

One the one hand, I’ve had a really stellar experience throughout the entire month, thanks in equal parts to the great organizational skills of Annabell Cadiz at Illuminated Tours as well as to the many welcoming, honest and engaged blog hosts along the way. It’s been a very full schedule, but I think it went extremely well. No Good Deed has had some truly excellent reviews and honest feedback, which I am deeply grateful for, and it’s also helped me get a bit more out of my shell.

On the other hand, tours take time. I tried to be as engaged as I could be*, but as a new parent, there was simply not a lot of extra time. I knew this going in, though, and it’s not intended as an excuse. I just hadn’t (and couldn’t have before I’d experienced it) internalized what it meant to raise a child. As such, with both these things going on, I didn’t do any new writing at all, which has been hard.

In fact, I only kept to my 5-Minute Rule by keeping at the edits of Another Night at the End of the World, even though I have officially shelved it for the time being. I did re-read both NGD and HHNF to catch myself back up**, but I simply wasn’t able to generate the mind-space necessary to start the actual writing of The Devil You Know.

Now, though, with the tour finishing up, I get back some of that time and I can clear out some space on my mental hard disk***, and this is a very, very good thing.

I got a (totally, incredibly, thrillingly fantastic) hint of this, this past Sunday night. As I stretched out before bed (yes, I’m that old), a pivotal scene of The Devil You Know exploded into my brain like a freight train.

It was awesome.

And tomorrow, it begins.

The Devil You Know - Cover placeholder


* Though I’m still trying to strike the write balance with things like Twitter and Facebook which still feel far too “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” for my own tastes; as I said, though, it’s a start

** And, in both cases, I’m still very pleased with the stories, which feels very good. I’m embarrassed at the number of mechanical errors I found (typos, missing words, etc.), and I keep wanting to adjust a phrase here or sentence there, but overall, I’m still proud of them.

*** It sometimes feels like I’m still a Commodore 64 in a Macbook world. Where did I put that 5 1/4″ floppy with my OS on it?