About a twenty minutes of writing so far this morning, which has given me a good start on some fun dialogue. I have to teach tonight, though (first class of the semester), so I need to get some more prep in before the day job and the baby wakes, because not only did my wife take care of the baby all yesterday morning so I could write, she took care of her all yesterday evening so I could get the bulk of my class site up and running (which I had, embarrassingly, neglected to do until then*), not to mention that the baby decided to walk up at 3:15 this morning to nurse and my wife sent me back to bed so I could be rested for the long day, even though classes started this week for her, too.

It doesn’t feel fair.

Neither does whining about it.

So thank her, quit jabbering, and get to work, already!

Thank you, Mary. For more than I can say.


* and yes, students, this would be the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ portion of our show

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