Why I didn’t write more today

A late start this morning and I’m now home twice a week with our little girl, but I got about 45 minutes of writing in during her naps, which would have been fine if I hadn’t gotten stuck in the middle of some dialogue.

Didn’t I recently mention how much I enjoy dialogue?

Well, today it just wasn’t happening. There’s a bit of exposition that needs to happen, but I’m having trouble finding the character’s words for it, rather than my more narrative/authorial/expository summary. I tried and tried and tried again, scratching out 3/4 or more of it. Frustrating, but not unusual for me. That said, the most frustrating part is that I could have written so much more in that time.

On the other hand, we took two walks in the lovely weather this morning (stupid traffic on our sidewalk-less road aside), visited the library (story time starts in a couple weeks!), finally met the three miniature horses that live down on the corner (one’s only 4 months old – amazing to think they can be even smaller!), and then our winter wood arrived and my wife and I did this:

Wood stacked in basement

Why I didn’t write more today

One cord down, one to go.

So, yeah, no complaints.*


* Except for the mosquito that bit Lillian (because I forgot to pout bug spray on her) and sent me into a totally irrational tizzy about West Nile and EEE and the requisite terrible father spiral. FYI: for infants, when the CDC called back, they said to keep an eye out for up to 2 weeks for fever, vomiting, etc. (except, Lillian seems to be teething, so how do I tell the difference?) When my doc called back (yes, I called them both. If I’d thought of anyone else, I’d have called them, too), he said that for infants the real indicator is stiffness in the neck about 4-5 days out, in addition to keeping an eye out for the other symptoms. I’m sure she’s fine, but still. Looking forward to the next two weeks. Yay.


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