Gaaahh! It’s all wrong! 51 wasted pages! All that — Oh, wait. Nevermind.

My wife gave me an hour or so of writing time this afternoon while she watched the baby, but no sooner did I sit down than I realized something was very wrong. The scene I’m in the middle of suddenly exposed a huge, blatant and essentially catastrophic plot flaw that was, in fact, only symptomatic in TDYK, since it reached back through HHNF all the way to NGD.


The bottom fell completely out of the story, like one of those apocalyptic movies where enormous craters zig-zag across the landscape, leaving only a gaping emptiness in their wake.

So overwhelmed by this glaring, fundamental, and embarrassing oversight was I, that I chose to bail on it completely and play a video game instead of face up to it and figure it out.

Not my finest moment, admittedly.

When I finally returned to it, I was no better off, and the meager few minutes I spent on it felt hardly worth the effort (there were a couple of nuggets of value, though not related to this travesty I had walked right into), particularly as I’d blown the bulk of the time goofing off.

I went back in the house, dejected and guilty, but then I remembered* that talking out these problems with my wife always produces an answer, usually in the form of some kind of psychic slap in the forehead mid-way through my inevitably rambling explanation of the issue**.

And, unsurprisingly, this time was no different. It turns out that, on further examination, the problem is not the problem I thought it was, the story as written so far is good, and I’m back on track.

The hoops I make myself jump through sometimes.***

Ah, well. As the saying goes, ‘We continue!’


* Why only then? Why not when I first ran into the problem? Why not while I was fretting over it? Why not before I started playing the game and losing all that time? Because I’m an idiot, sometimes.

** Kind of like this post, which, I realize, has well surpassed the amount of time I spent writing today.

*** Or, more accurately, the hoops that my wife helps me through.

  1. Of course I would argue that only by playing for a few minutes and letting your brain go on a little holiday did you allow space for that revised thinking. But, you know, that’s just me. :)

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