Uh, now what?

This morning I got about a half page done*, but, interesting as it is, I’m on the cusp of another place in my outline where the seemingly simple entry I wrote there all those months ago is now glaringly incomplete. I know what’s ultimately going to happen, but it’s like making my way through the alphabet and not knowing what comes between Q and W — and not even knowing how many stops there might be along the way.

On the one hand, this kind of thing can be quite exciting — diving into the unknown and all — but it’s also a clear sign that I didn’t think things through clearly enough and it opens the door pretty wide for poor tangents, misdirection, and outright stupid choices. Smaller gaps are fine, but this is a pretty big one that I obviously chose to place on the “Ignore Me” shelf under the pretense that I’d get to it in time.

Well, I’ve gotten to it, and it’s time, but I still don’t know what’s to come.

Amazing how putting words on a page can feel so difficult.** Oh, well.


* Since I used up an hour of writing time prepping some unrelated, but mind-easing day-job work in anticipation of a big day tomorrow

** Yes, I am fully aware that this is a relative perception.