Not in the plan? Excellent! (maybe)

Last night’s late and hastily scribbled discovery turns out to have some genuine legs, though not, unsurprisingly, as I had at first expected when I got the idea.

The initial idea involved the map leading from Q to W and it seemed great, but on further writing it out this afternoon, I realized that it’s still not quite there. There’s a minor problem with motivation, but I think a little more rooting around in the backgrounds of a certain character may yield the answer. At least, that’s where things are pointing now.

The real kicker, though, turned out not to be that initial idea, but one of the ancillary threads leading from it.* Going where my pencil was leading, I found myself in completely uncharted territory for Umber, the thought of which is so cool it’s been giving me chills the more I ponder it’s significance. Uncharted is the right word, too, because this area has been a known unknown, to borrow a phrase, regarding his character, rather like the recently revealed rivalries, as well as regarding this embarrassingly large gap in my outline.

But that’s enough for now. As I recently had to remind myself, these inspirational moments don’t always pan out. I’m feeling extremely confident about this stuff, though, because which is dangerous, so I’m adding extra skepticism as I write, to make sure** I’m not going off the rails somehow.


Right now, though, this cautious excitement is a great place to be.


* And to it, as it happens, but that would be telling.



** Or try, anyway.


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