Look v. See

I got about a page and a half this morning during Lillian’s nap, which got me got past a small knot of a problem, which, thankfully, I recognized sooner rather than later. Now, though, I’ve found a good flow and I have a lock on a new character*, who is reminding me to stop over-focusing and stay open and observant.

I realized I’ve developed a bit of tunnel-vision lately, trying to dig myself out of that hole**, and it was only in the arrival of this character that I remembered to stop ‘looking’ and start ‘seeing’. Looking for things is fine, especially when trying to fix problems, but that can be self-fulfilling***, leading me to only recognize the things I’m looking for and not seeing what else is around. I suppose this is another way of saying I need to stay ‘in character’.

Anyway, I was able to see the problem and immediately the writing regained its balance.









* Newly appearing in the story, anyway. I’ve known she was coming, though her existence was completely nixed before my recent re-alignment. It’s still amazing and embarrassing to realize just how far off the track I’d gotten back there.

** Another mangled pair of mis-matched metaphors…

***  Or self-destructive, depending on your point of view.