Many threads, but no quilt?

Okay, that’s a lousy title, but I was trying to get at the fact that today’s writing made clear that there are a lot of storylines at work in this book, and that I’m afraid they’re not all going to make a cohesive whole. I think they will, but the more I think about it the more I wonder if that’s just wishful thinking.

This terrifies me.

Well, maybe ‘terrifies’ isn’t the proper word, but I am deeply, deeply concerned that this is going to end poorly. Am I writing multiple separate books and trying to shoehorn them together? Am I writing some kind of multi-level epic? Am I writing about entirely unimportant stuff? Am I — as I fervently hope but dare not trust — just over-thinking this?

Once again, however, I don’t think I can truly answer these questions before I reach the final page.

That is SO frustrating.