We made a kilt!

First, this morning’s hour of writing was extremely productive and exciting, yielding two and a half pages, some crazy emotional stuff, and a lot of momentum.

But really, that pales next to the kilt.

My wife and I are attending some friends’ annual celebration of Robert Burns’ birthday this weekend, and I got the crazy idea to make a kilt. I’ve always wanted to wear one, but I have no family heritage to lay claim to one, so it just didn’t feel right. For some reason, though, making my own — out of a non-clan* plaid — made perfect sense.

I did a little research online and found some instructions and designs, most of which were for the real deal and were quite involved and definitely too much for this one-off. Then I chanced upon a site that showed how to make kilts for action figures** which were far simpler and a quick trip to JoAnn Fabrics found a couple yards or so of non-hideous plaid sitting in the discount bin.

So, this morning we did that. It’s been ages since I used a sewing machine, but my wife is an excellent coach*** and she ironed all the pleats, which was by far the hardest part because I couldn’t get them right to save my life. A couple hours later, voila!

Me in a kilt!

Perfect? No.

Accurate? Pshaw!

Pretty darn cool? Heck, yeah!****


* Read: generic, mass-produced cloth.

** It’s the Internet, okay? ‘Nuff said.

*** And there was nothing more complicated than straight lines, so that helped.

**** So much so that I’ve been wearing it around this evening for no reason whatsoever. TMI? Probably, but there it is.


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