Good to be alive-er

I had my first real food this evening*, which was very, very nice.

Not up to 100 percent, but after 2 1/2 days with a sum total of 2 tbsp of white rice, a small bowl of oyster crackers, a couple celery sticks, half a carrot,  almost 2 gallons of Gatorade**, and being genuinely nauseated by the very thought of anything food-related***, I finally seem to be in a better place.

Still the odd press of nausea from time to time and the innards are still trying to find their way back to something resembling the something that resembled normal before, but I’m on the other side, and I am grateful.

The fact that I was able to write for nearly an hour today, I would gladly give back right now, because Lillian now appears to be fighting something. It seems to be just a little cold (hopefully!), but is there any such thing as ‘just’ with an infant?

Ah, parenthood.

At least I can finally pull my weight again tonight and give Mary a break.


* Thanks to my wonder of a wife, who also came home early from work — not once, but twice this week– to take care of both Lillian and me. Yes, she really is that great. And yes, I really am that useless when sick.

** What flavor is ‘Rain Berry’, exactly?

*** And for me, that’s saying something.