A couple lessons (re-learned) from the week

  1. The next time my wife suggest I make myself throw up to get rid of the nausea, I need to listen. Two reasons for this:
    1. In hindsight, I think I would have saved myself at least 48 hours of misery, plus the ‘joys’ of ongoing recuperation.
    2. You’d think by now I would know better than to question her, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, I can be pretty thick-headed.
  2. Mothers do not take breaks.
    1. While last night was — very thankfully — not nearly as difficult for Lillian as we had feared*, she did have a tough spot in the middle of the night and I was only awoken after all other preparations had been made and circumstances required my assistance, because Mary did not want to disturb my rest after being sick, regardless of the other difficulties.
    2. Important Caveat: Breaks are allowed, though only once the worst is over.

So, as my innards lurch and stumble their way back to ‘normalcy’, we return you to our regular programming:

I managed about 45 minutes on the story, though only about 15 minutes of actual writing. The last few days of relative inactivity have allowed me to mentally sift back over some parts of the book and discover some plot gaps and other places needing some additional support, which were not apparent at the time of writing, for whatever reason. This will come up in revision, too, but it’s nice to peg a few of them down ahead. Feels extra productive.

Some extra exciting dialogue/action in the actual 15 minutes, though, coming out of the next-to-final scenes!**


* And it appears she’s not sick, per se, just teething (again with the ‘just’!).

** It’s probably not surprising that these bits of excitement are from scenes I haven’t quite gotten to yet. Cue the PBPNS (Patented Blais Pseudo-Numbering System)!***

*** Really need a better name than that.

  1. Also in hindsight, I don’t think that throwing up would have helped your situation. And it’s not like you got a ‘break’ either. :)

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