When off track is actually on

This morning’s writing started well, cruising with yesterday’s momentum*, but it ended with a stretch of dialogue that is becoming dangerously close to tangential and I really do not want to go that route again. The recent energy has been great and I don’t want to fritter it away on something I’m pretty certain I’ll trash later.

But that’s just it: I’m only ‘pretty certain’.

I’m struggling with knowing whether I’m being honest to Kelly and hearing what she really wants to say, or if I’m letting this scene run down a blind alley because it seems interesting to me. My first reaction was that I was pushing things and I needed to chuck the bit I had and start it again, paying closer attention to her. Unfortunately, the more I try to get into the moment and hear what is going on and how Kelly would react, the more I think it’s right the way I have it. As wrong as it sounds.

And now that I’ve written that thought out, I find that it feels even more true.

I’m also reminded that this is, in fact, a big reason why I like writing Kelly. She’s not perfect, doesn’t always wait her turn, and occasionally reacts before thinking things through. Sometimes, this turns out for the best, catching others off-guard or cutting right through difficult situations; other times . . . not so much. Kind of like real life.

Well, tomorrow’s writing should be interesting.


* And a cup of white tea, a few Rolo caramels, a handful of honey-sesame almonds, and a pair of Trader Joe’s Windmill Cookies. And don’t even ask what I shoved into my face later today. Good thing I also shoveled the driveway twice.


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