I love being redundant!

As far as revisions go, anyway.

Today had another instance of something that happens fairly regularly to me in my revision process. I don’t know what to term it exactly, other than a kind of ‘prescient redundancy’*.

Sometimes, when I’m working on a particular tangle of a passage**, I stop following the written page and go with my gut for the next paragraph or two, because I feel like I have a better sense of what the passage calls for and I don’t want to be a slave to what I’ve written previously.

When I’m done and feeling pretty proud of myself for coming up with this new and more realistic or dynamic or otherwise effective result, I go back to the page to pick up from the original again, only to discover my ‘new’ result right there on the page already, scrawled into the border space or written out on a later page with a reference where to put it back in.

So, my great new idea is really just an old idea I’d forgotten I’d had, and usually word-for-word the same.

I suppose this might bum some people out, but it feels to me like an almost objective confirmation that the story is on track and that I’m paying attention.

Of course, there are far more times when the new idea is truly new, implying that I was either not paying enough attention the first time through or I’ve gotten distracted since then.

But, this is a positive post, so ignore that last bit.

I am.

* Making it sound more impressive than it really is, really.

** Particularly during revision 2 when I’m typing up my ‘flexibly paginated’ hand-written first draft and the tangles in question are more rampant — though later revisions are by no means exempt from such ‘flexibility’, trust me.


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