Unequivocal uncertainty

I certain that’s right. Or not.

Kind of like how I feel about the book all of a sudden: equally optimistic and pessimistic. I had another good couple hours this afternoon and made some excellent progress (about 45 pages left), but I’m now stuck in the cross-hairs of my own insecurities. I think the material works and I’m actually quite excited about it, but at the same time I wonder if anyone else will think so.

Have I laid certain parts on so thick that its laughable? Are other parts so light-handed that a reader couldn’t possibly figure out what I’m trying to say? Is this scene melodramatic? Is that one just a bunch of stereotypes shoved together? Does the underlying premise of the story hold water like a leaky sieve?

Of course, the only way to get answers to any of these questions is to finish, so that’s where I’m still headed.


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