A good stretch

Made good headway today, though with less time. That’s what happens when I get less crazy with the revisions. Or, to put a more positive spin on it, when there’s more that needs no change*.

This was not unexpected. The heavy changes arise around one of a couple main threads of uncertainty in the story, which I had not fully resolved.

Isn’t this the final revision?

That was my intention, yes.

And you’ve still got unresolved issues?

I’m pretty sure I’ll always have unresolved issues.

Well, true, but you know what we meant.

Okay, yes, I know, and yes, it is a bit embarrassing, though after two years away from the story, I’m allowing myself a bit of leeway.

That said, the issues themselves are fairly small and rather technical, as far as the larger story is concerned, but even if most people would never notice (or care, if they did notice), I find myself incapable of leaving them be.

And then, as with most of my revisions, fixing one thing breaks another, which then needs to be fixed, which then breaks something else, which . . .

Enough already! We get it.

Right. Sorry.

Anyway, today wasn’t like that, so that was good.


* Well, maybe not no change — this is me we’re talking about — but at least far less than previous bits.