New novel coming July 4th (cover reveal today)!

I’m very excited to announce the release of my next novel, Running On Empty ,* on July 4th, and what better way to do this than with a cover reveal? I just got the final version from the artist and it rocks!


Click for full-size

Intrigued? I hope so! As this cover hopefully implies, things move fast in RoE from start to finish (think Die Hard + Blade Runner.**

However, I’ll babble on about the book in due course. Right now, I just want to appreciate this excellent cover and the artist who brought it to life with such energy: Hideyoshi Ruwwe. Not only is he a skilled artist, but he was a genuine pleasure to work with***.

Check out more of Hideyoshi’s work at his personal site [] and in his deviantART galleries []. You won’t be disappointed.

Now back to work on TDYK before the baby wakes up.


* Wait? What happened to The Devil You Know? Don’t worry, I’m still hard at work on it, but RoE managed to squeeze in between HHNF and TDYK.

** Hey, if I’m going to compare myself to others, why not shoot for the top?

*** by which I mean that he put up with all my ‘suggestions’ for changes, persistent tweaks, nit-picky questions, and the like, without once complaining or revealing any frustration, which was impressive.


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