Still writing. No, really!

Yes, I really am still writing. I know it’s been about eight months since my last confession post, but I’ve been keeping at it, though I’ve taken my final comments in my last post more literally than even I suspected at the time: I’ve written several children’s picture book stories, and more keep coming.

This is perhaps not surprising, given how our little girl is growing and the fact that we’ve been reading our way through entire children’s sections of libraries, but it was still a bit of a surprise to me that it’s come so suddenly, so numerously, and so satisfyingly.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love writing about Kelly & Umber* and Rick and Herrick and Manadan & Gupti**, but when my daughter demands that I read her the stories I’ve written for her, and when she says the words right along with me because she knows them by heart, well, there really isn’t a comparison.

Sadly, I have almost no artistic skill, so I am back on the hunt for agents. In the meantime, I’m also working with an independent artist to potentially self-publish the first of the stories.

And now, the day job beckons.

I’ll be back soon. I promise!

* Interestingly, I think I just found the correct ending for TDYK yesterday morning, completely out of the blue, so keep an eye out for news, there.

** You haven’t seen these two, yet, but I think they’re almost ready!