Challenge = Opportunity

Not the most productive morning, but not the least, either.

Uncle Deppo revealed another previously hidden (from me) flaw, this morning. This was a bummer, but I’ve been able to see it as a challenge, which, when I’m in a good place, is an opportunity.

It helps that I’m still carrying the lens of the ‘Why’ question with me. This enabled me to see not only why the flaw in question was wrong, but how to fix it, which is most excellent.

And, of course, more cross-genre agent searching. Yay.

Why the snarkie ‘Yay’?

Because I’m not a fan of this process, the reading between the lines, the deep research each one requires, the inevitable elimination of 95% of potential candidates, the discovery of perfect matches whose latest twitter post says they’re closed to submissions or have stopped agenting or —

So it’s a challenge, then?

To put it mildly! I mean, the amount of time–

And challenges are . . . ?

They’re– Oh. Right.

You’re welcome.