Changes (or ‘Getting Out Of My Own Way’)

Short version:

  • I’m back, honest and for true.

Longer version:

The last couple years have seen me crawl back into my hole, as far as this blog is concerned, and it’s high time that changed. I’ve kept at the writing (mostly), but I’ve also kept that writing largely to myself, for various reasons. Those reasons, I have come to accept, are largely groundless or, if not actually groundless, then not nearly as important as I had led myself to believe. All of them, however, are of my own making.

There have also been some life and work things that have been wake-up calls. Sadly, some of these took more than a few rings for me to actually hear, but hear them I finally have, and I’ve decided to get out of my own way and get on with what I love doing.

To that end, I’ve got a few bits of news I’m very excited about:

  • Returned to Smashwords (and pretty much everywhere else, by association)
  • Overdue novel on its way in November (K&U #3)
  • New novella on its way in December (The Last Innocent)
  • Multiple new short stories on their way in the interim (The Aesthetician; Fruit Flies; Another Night at the End of the World; One Man’s Monster; Uncle Deppo v. The Truth — Episode 23; Congestive Heart Failure)
  • Growing raft of children’s stories (surprise, surprise) in search of publishers and/or artists
  • Site overhaul (in process, mainly simplifying)