um, huh?

so, as i do, i was looking at amazon to see if anyone’s posted anything about Witness recently. while the answer to that question is no*, and the rank of the book has been hanging out past the 2 million mark for a while, the price of the paperback is now cheaper than the price… Read more

because it’s 4am

and i’ve been awake for 2 hours. i found* a site called Wordle that does word clouds, using any text you give it. i’d seen some folks mention they’ve used this to help them re-visualize their writing and address issues of unnecessary word repetition, et cetera, so i figured i’d give it a go with… Read more

brief update (and award win!)

writing: the flight over (which was largely fine) wasn’t nearly as productive as i was hoping, but that’s alright, as i’ve managed to make some excellent progress since then. granted, i did backtrack a bit, but it wouldn’t be me without some backtracking. anyway, today i worked from the beginning to the end in a… Read more

best rejection ever!

earlier this year, i submit Witness to an annual international self-published book contest. yesterday, just a few days before christmas, i received notice that i hadn’t won. this, in itself, is okay; disaappointing, obviously, but okay. i’m certain there were quite a few very strong contenders (the letter even said so – “Competition was particularly… Read more

great new review at!

have a look over at to see their glowing 3.5 star review of Witness, posted this morning! i can’t resist this teaser: “As the first book in the series, it definitely shows promise and is a good beginning to what I hope will become a favorite collection for many readers.” – tell your… Read more

bookfetish review minor delay

i forgot to mention that the fortchoming review of Witness from has been delayed over the weekend, so it won’t show until monday. no worries, though, as apparently the review will be in the primary section of the site, rather than a sidebar, and be up for a 3-4 weeks. no complaints, here! okay,… Read more “search inside!” feature enabled

i sent a hardcover copy of Witness to the “search inside!” folks back in April, for them to scan and put into the system, and the listing has now been updated and the text is visible. The first couple chapters, anyway, plus the ‘Surprise Me’ functionality. so what? well, i dunno, really, but it’s… Read more