Herding cats

That’s what the last few weeks of TDYK work has felt like. It’s my own fault, of course, but that rarely makes such things easier to accept or deal with. Anyway, there are 2 major reasons for the current situation. The first has to do with an eleventh-hour change I made in NGD* which, in… Read more

New novel coming July 4th (cover reveal today)!

I’m very excited to announce the release of my next novel, Running On Empty ,* on July 4th, and what better way to do this than with a cover reveal? I just got the final version from the artist and it rocks! Intrigued? I hope so! As this cover hopefully implies, things move fast in RoE from start to finish… Read more

2 pages in 4 hours!

So, yeah, today was one of those less than awesome writing days, despite having plenty of time. Looking back, it was like wrestling a greased pig. Every time I thought I had it, fwoosh! Ah, well. It’s done. On the upside, those 2 pages were the final 2, so that’s nice. Now to decipher all… Read more

A good morning

An unexpectedly productive morning saw almost 3 pages of revision done! This puts me about a third of the way through and feeling quite good about the story overall, which is always nice. Of course, the manuscript still looks like my 17-month old daughter went at it with a pencil gripped in her little fist… Read more