Changes (or ‘Getting Out Of My Own Way’)

Short version: I’m back, honest and for true. Longer version: The last couple years have seen me crawl back into my hole, as far as this blog is concerned, and it’s high time that changed. I’ve kept at the writing (mostly), but I’ve also kept that writing largely to myself, for various reasons. Those reasons,… Read more

The State of Things

So,  today didn’t go as expected, but that’s to be . . . well . . . expected. Regardless, I promised to explain where things stand here, so here goes (but to avoid breaking the rule of ‘less posting than writing’, it’s going to be super-brief*) TDYK – As a novel, it is complete. As… Read more

Still writing. No, really!

Yes, I really am still writing. I know it’s been about eight months since my last confession post, but I’ve been keeping at it, though I’ve taken my final comments in my last post more literally than even I suspected at the time: I’ve written several children’s picture book stories, and more keep coming. This… Read more

Trying too hard (again)

After weeks of two steps forward and two steps back, I’m putting TDYK aside for a bit. I should have done this long before now, but I was too stubborn. I had it in my head that this was going to be the last pass before beta readers, no matter what, and I’ve been pushing… Read more

Trap doors

I really love it when this happens. I’ve just discovered a trap door underneath the rug of the story, so to speak. It was always there, I just never realized it. I can see a little of where it leads from here and it seems pretty exciting, though not without danger, and part of me… Read more

Herding cats

That’s what the last few weeks of TDYK work has felt like. It’s my own fault, of course, but that rarely makes such things easier to accept or deal with. Anyway, there are 2 major reasons for the current situation. The first has to do with an eleventh-hour change I made in NGD* which, in… Read more

No Good Deed on sale at midnight

To get things rolling with my return to the site (and in anticipation of what’s coming), No Good Deed goes on sale for 99¢* at oh-dark-hundred tomorrow morning (aka, 12 am, July 2)! When the idea for the Kelly & Umber series first appeared to me, I immediately felt there was something good there, but I was… Read more

When I’m down . . .

. . . the only direction left is up.* I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by numerous things lately, including the fact that I’ve somehow found myself writing three separate novels. ‘Found’ is perhaps disingenuous, since I can tell you exactly how it happened: First, I was ready to begin the final revision of TDYK, the third… Read more

TDYK – Draft 2 (and 2.5) is done

But this is put squarely in perspective by the continuing illness of our little girl. Nothing life-threatening, and it is a good reminder that she is generally very healthy whereas many, many parents are dealing with chronically and seriously ill children who struggle through most every day with more determination, patience, and resilience than I… Read more