I’m still here.

Well, this is embarrassing. Again. My last post said ‘I’m back’, like some supposed rallying cry, and listed all sorts of great stuff coming right up, except it’s been another two months of silence since then. Not that I haven’t been doing any writing (I have and am very excited to get it out), but… Read more

Changes (or ‘Getting Out Of My Own Way’)

Short version: I’m back, honest and for true. Longer version: The last couple years have seen me crawl back into my hole, as far as this blog is concerned, and it’s high time that changed. I’ve kept at the writing (mostly), but I’ve also kept that writing largely to myself, for various reasons. Those reasons,… Read more

rule #0: listen to your partner

It’s that simple. That person knows you best. Period. I know this should be self-evident, but sometimes I need a map to see the simple truths standing right in front of me. Thankfully, my partner is my best friend, so she doesn’t hold it against me. Whatever self-indulgent or self-recriminating nonsense I might be telling… Read more


Not thrilled with recent work. I’ve spent almost all my writing time writing about the story rather than writing the story. Once again, I’ve dug myself into a hole by running with so-called inspiration rather than answering the basic, yet critical question of ‘Why.’ It takes so much longer to wrangle an answer afterwards —… Read more

The sound of my own wheels

Having trouble with Uncle Deppo. I believe that it’s good trouble, ultimately, but right now, it’s just frustrating and disheartening. The issue is that the questions I’ve begun asking about certain elements of the story are putting a spotlight on the various cracks, gaps and flaws in the the piece as a whole. I’m now… Read more


Frustratingly, that seems to be the best description of recent efforts. Still, it’s generally* forward progress, so really shouldn’t be complaining.   * if not consistently

If you love a thing, set it free

Back to Uncle Deppo this morning and it’s the right thing. The ideas from yesterday are strong and I’m excited to follow them through, but there’s no excuse for not finishing what I’m in the middle of. I was looking for an ‘easy’ win out of the other stories because they felt so good, but… Read more

Accursed inspiration.

Does it care that I’m in the middle of another story? No. Does it care that I’ve been working on this other story for weeks? No. Does it care that I don’t have time enough in the day to do more than one story at a time, much less the two it now demands I… Read more

Q: When is 5 minutes the same as an hour?

A: Days like today. I just spent the last hour working on Uncle Deppo, with a grand total of three sentences to show for it. I should have stopped after 5 minutes. I was pretty excited, given yesterday’s excellent work, but I trapped myself in a feedback loop of revisioning and reconsidering and revisioning and… Read more