July? Wait a second…

Well, after 3 weeks of losing and winning and losing and winning and losing a fight with a head cold, I seem to be finally coming out the other side. Mostly. It wasn’t horrific, but I haven’t been that sick for that long for a long time, and I think I bumped up the Kleenex… Read more

sick, but still here!

My body finally called an extended timeout, starting this past weekend. Right in the middle of the beautiful weather and just before family from AZ flew in. Timing is everything. Two days sick from work, too, which is not normal for me. I tried herbal teas and vitamins on Monday with limited success. Tuesday’s caffeine… Read more

Unfairly awesome

We spent most of this beautiful day outside, which was great, starting with a nice morning walk of someone else’s neighborhood* and a visit to the local farm market for lovely greens and some rhubarb(!). Later, Mary planted our entire garden and I hung our first rope swing, seen here!** Lillian’s too young by a… Read more

HHNF blog tour recap & links

So, wow, the last two weeks have been quite a whirlwind round here, but what an excellent experience, too. As this was my first ever blog tour, I’ve been trying to get my head around what I’ve learned and come up with some kind of learnings and reflections. Instead, the day job’s been extra busy… Read more

Two great reviews for No Good Deed!

If you’ve seen me on my Facebook Page or Twitter (@onemoredraft) — yes, that was a baldfaced plug — you already saw The Canary Review’s great take on No Good Deed (4 out of 5 chirps!), and now there’s another from The Midwest Book Review, and it’s another fair bit of awesome, biased though I am. I’ve reprinted… Read more

a little writing, plus a bit of tour news

I was going to put it off, but sticking to the 5-minute rule meant what started out as just the need to scribble down a couple random thoughts from last night/this morning while feeding the baby, turned into a surprisingly deep dive into a potential mainstream story idea, complete with framework and direction. And totally… Read more

No Good Deed reviewed!

Did Annabell Cadiz of Open Book Society and TeAmNeRd like No Good Deed? “Kelly has become one of my new favorite heroines!” I’m taking that as a yes :) Check out the full review here: http://openbooksociety.com/article/no-good-dead-kelly-and-umber-bill-blais-obs-book-review/ http://www.nerdalien.com/2012/04/book-review-no-good-deed.html I’m working from a sleep deficit thanks to the joys of new parenthood, but this news was better… Read more

my mom likes it!

and i am unabashedly pleased! okay, so, yeah, she’s my mom, of course she’ll be proud of what i do, and appreciate the work that went into it and all, but she called me tonight to tell me she just put her reader’s copy of No Good Deed down for the first time since she… Read more

best rejection ever!

earlier this year, i submit Witness to an annual international self-published book contest. yesterday, just a few days before christmas, i received notice that i hadn’t won. this, in itself, is okay; disaappointing, obviously, but okay. i’m certain there were quite a few very strong contenders (the letter even said so – “Competition was particularly… Read more