daily – 45

I stand on the stairs for another moment, stuck between the self-driven deadbolt and the hint of understanding in the screens Patrick’s describing.

The lock can wait. Maybe the hack was deactivated. Anyway, I still have the hardkey.

I try to take the stairs two at a time and only succeed in stopping at the doorway to catch my breath.

Inside, though, Patrick’s seated at the desk, watching a cascade of photos, geomaps, planar grids, and other items pop, one over the other, on the screen.

Even at this distance, I can see he was right.  A series of flashing yellow co-ordinates tied to a three-dimensional grid map overlay of the solar system point with successively increasing detail straight to the moon’s surface. A heat map of the specific area, still several hundred miles above the surface, sets incandescent blobs of orange against the crisp grey-white of the vast external lunar surface. A video feed from one of the resorts displays the lush warmth of the bio-sphere inside the crisp perfection of the glass-walled geodesic domes, complete with rich, swimsuited tourists lounging on lunar ‘beaches’ surrounding craters converted to lakes.

Then another cascade of images and graphs, filling the screen with window after window.