daily – 46

Patrick slides into the chair, but I roll it and him back from the desk before he can start in.


“No. This isn’t a game.” I tilt the chair forward, tipping him out of it, then settle myself in front of the overlapping windows. “There has to be…”

A sudden splash of windows spreads across the screen, feed after feed of the various lunar resorts, aglow in their impermeable bubbles. Inside, tourists are lounging by the crater pools, gambling at the casinos, and golfing through the special courses. Outside, rovers cruise the nearby surface on short excursions and the particularly daring folks take guided space walks, linked together in short daisy chains.

The next moment, a command line prompt appears just below the rest of the windows. The cascading seems to have stopped, but the feeds are still running at the top of the huge stack of images and charts filling the screen.

The white cursor blinks quietly for a few moments on the plain black background.