instagram not playing nice with POD

okay, so timing is everything. i was catching up on PODdy Mouth’s blog (whose recent ‘sweet 16 self-publishing company finals’, or company-by-bompany comparison series, provides a number of very interesting and informative insights) and ran smack into something i probably should’ve known was coming. as we know, i recently published my book through iUniverse in February, and here we are in April with craziness like this: to pull ‘buy’ buttons from all PODs not published with BookSurge (’s in-house POD company). what?!

alright, fine, so that one was an April Fool’s joke, but what about this? the only fools are people like me, potentially being left out in the rain by the single largest online book presence. why? today’s post gives Amazon’s official response to these claims, with some effective PODdy commentary.

aren’t there enough obstacles to POD authors? i knew what i was getting into with the whole POD stigma, but i had faith i could overcome.

now? if people can’t buy my book through amazon?

to be fair, it’s their company, their choice. that’s capitalism. but why does it feel like everyone wants to be like microsoft? why isn’t enough ever enough?