daily – 53

The house speakers crack to life. “Mr. Nemmons? Michael Nemmons? This is the Police. Please open the door, sir.”

Patrick steps toward the window.

“Patrick! Get back here!”

He lifts on his toes and peeks down into the pulls back.

“Patrick!” I pull him away. Hard.

He spins back against the wall and looks at me with a wounded expression while rubbing his upper arm.

“No more.” I can’t get him away, but maybe I can get him out of the line of fire. “Go to your room. Stay there. Pretend to be working on your homework. No!” The Because Father Said So voice is all I have left. “Listen and do as I tell you! Go to your room. Do your homework. Something off the computer. Some reading.”

The doorbell chimes and the emergency entry warning buzzes through. “Mr. Nemmons! This is the Police! You have thirty seconds to open this door!”