daily – 58

Lowering my hands from my ears, I back up to the stairs, putting myself between Patrick and the impending officers, as if that would do any good.

Again, though, why am I reacting like this? Someone else hacked my system. It wasn’t me.

It wasn’t just the lights that got turned off up on those resorts, either.

On the wall, the security pad flashes through the police override, finally blinking to green. A few stairs behind me, Patrick shifts slightly. I raise a hand toward him without looking, a vague, distracted attempt to comfort him.

After a long moment, there’s a faint thump, like a distant pat, then the frosted window darkens again with the officer’s hazy outline. I can see the shadow of his arm come up as if peering inward, but there’s nothing to see. The security pad is going through the override again, and again flashing to the all access green. Again, the faded thump comes through the door.