five minutes

so much for not posting this week, obviously. it’s way too late and i’m way too tired from the roof work (tearing off shingles is far harder than putting them on, particularly at steeper inclines), but how can i not write something?

i got to bed last night and tried and tried to convince myself that it was okay to take a week off, especially with the house re-construction work. it’s only a week, right? it’s okay. just let it go.

but no, i couldn’t let it go. even exhausted and addle-brained, it didn’t matter. i had to turn around and come back down and plunk myself in front of the computer and write. sticking to my ‘five minute’ rule, i wrote. for more than five minutes, as usually happens, and i’m glad i did.

the same tonight. every night. no matter what, i need to write something new.

even for only five minutes.